cloth wristbandsForum to boost international efforts to tackle terrorism, protect security

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Participants of the Great Wall-2019 International Forum on Counterterrorism watch boxing and kickboxing training programs of the People"s Armed Police Force"s Special Police College in Beijing on Tuesday. [Photo by FENG YONGBIN/CHINA DAILY]

The Armed Police Force is holding an international counterterrorism forum in Beijing to boost communication and cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

The five-day Great Wall-2019 International Forum on Counterterrorism opened on Tuesday at the APF"s Special Police College with more than 240 participants from the public security forces of 31 nations including France, Israel and Pakistan.

Lieutenant General Qin Tian, APF deputy commander, said at the forum"s opening ceremony that the event is intended to set up a platform for sharing and collaboration. It also aims to help participants improve their capabilities to respond to terrorist acts so they can better protect their national security and social stability.

"We will use an open attitude and practical moves to work with our colleagues from other countries to make this forum an occasion for international cooperation," he said. "We wish for all participants to share their experiences with each other, make deep exchanges, learn from others" successes and put together all of your strength to enhance your force"s capability to fulfill missions and safeguard the people," Qin said.

The forum is focused on joint research on anti-terrorist tactics and measures, and the sharing of counterterrorism theories and accomplishments. It has a major focus on "special sniping" and is composed of five themed workshops. Participants will watch tactical shows by snipers and equipment displays, and will visit training facilities, according to the APF.

This is the third time the APF has organized the international counterterrorism forum. The first Great Wall forum was held in November 2016 at the Special Police College and the second in May 2018 at the same place.

Colonel Muhammad Kashif, head of the Pakistan Army"s Special Operations School, said the Great Wall forum has become a unique and outstanding occasion that offers opportunity for counterterrorism forces around the world to share their ideas and thoughts.

The Pakistani officer said he looks forward to communicating with colleagues and benefiting from such exchanges.

The APF said in a statement on Tuesday that it has been striving to strengthen its international communication through multilateral events for cooperation and mutual understanding and has received good responses from its counterparts in other nations.

In addition to the Great Wall forums, the APF has also staged two international contests for snipers since 2016.

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